Friday, May 17, 2013

Charles Hynes in Decline Declines interview for NYPD Joe Sanchez Hispanic Serpico?
The original videos are on my YouTube Channel -- wish I could transfer the views...
stay tuned for when I interview Joe Sanchez about Adrian Schoolcraft during the trial which is going to challenged what I call The NYPD Brand....  

I created a new YouTube Channel for the YouTube Documentary -- a year long series that will include interviews with NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez who was set-up by corrupt Internal Affairs police officers to protect their pal who Joe Sanchez had reported to Internal Affairs.

Joe Sanchez is the Hispanic Serpico and we have Charles Hynes in his own hand writing from 30 years  ago saying Joe Sanchez should be re-instated in a letter her wrote in response to juror Annabell Washburn so it was quite a disapointment that Hynes declined the request for an interview for my NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez the Hispanic Serpico - the goal NYPD reform which must include the end of a history of NYPD retaliating against whistle blowers to getting an apology and honorary re-instatement so Joe can officially retire.

I told Joe it could be my politics because I am a critic of Hynes and Vito Lopez's close friendship.

In my opinion it is really low of Hynes not to come forward but hey Charles we will be filming for a year so you can find some decency at any point and do the right thing.

Joe wrote this:

I don't think I will get the chance of running into Charles Joe Hynes again. The first time I saw him was when I was told by another cop back in 1985 that  the new Special State Prosecutor Charles Joe Hynes was visiting precincts and and telling them that he was not out to hurt cops in general, just combating corruption within the police department and criminal justice system. I caught up with him as he was visiting the NYPD Hispanic Society at their monthly meeting in Spanish Harlem. As I listened diligently to all he was saying from the back row where I was seated,  I remember how cold the Hispanic Society were to him and how only but a few officers clapped their hands when he finished his speech, and quickly walked towards the exit door. I approached him and introduced myself. He was surprised to see me. After all, here was the cop in person whose indictment he dismissed for being wrongly indicted for a crime he did not commit. He extended his hand to shake my hand, and said, " Joe Sanchez, how are your doing?" I said, "How do you think I'm doing, Mr. Hynes? Look what they did to me. You dismissed my indictment and you're telling other cops how I got screwed, but I've yet to get my job back. And how do you think my family is doing?" He apologized for what was done to me, and told me that if I were given a departmental hearing, he would testify on my behalf so as  I could get my job back. He also told me I was a good cop, and  to come and see him at his office with my PBA attorney, Paul Brenner.

I visited him at his office where he once again apologized and telling me he would testify for me in a departmental trial. He never mentioned his predecessor, Thomas Duffy, as being the one who wrongfully and illegally indicted me, but he did mention that  Duffy's Assistant Special State Prosecutor Joe Hester had been bit too hasty in getting me indicted without knowing all the facts since he was somewhat inexperienced.  Nothing more was said concerning Duffy and Hester. It was more of  a tacit understanding on who was responsible for this injustice. You know, we don't talk about it, and for me to just to be happy that my indictment had been dismissed, even though there had been prosecutorial misconduct committed. Talk about the Blue Wall/ Police Code of Silence not just existing in the NYPD, but  also in the criminal justice system, as well. But  let me spell it out for you: It was Hynes' predecessor, Thomas Duffy and his Assistant Special State Prosecutor Joe Hester, IAD, and some bosses in the NYPD, including the lieutenant and captain I blew the whistle on for corruption.  And  when they all conspired to wrongfully and  illegally indict me for a crime I did not commit by convincing six { 6 } drug dealers { five of whom when first interviewed by IAD, told the investigator that I had done nothing wrong, except the one drug dealer looking for a way out } that were later set free after lying to a grand jury that I ripped them all off during an arrest that my partner, Herman Velez and I effected back in April 13, 1982, and hoping to send me to prison, it was like being in The Twilight Zone. If Rod Serling were alive today, he'd love to  have this Kafkaesque... nightmarishly complex story  on his TV show.


Friday, May 10, 2013

NYPD Joe Sanchez Hispanic Serpico CCRB Minutes Testimony by Suzannah B. Troy 30 Years Ago CCRB Form Proof Nothing has changed

Read the minutes -- shameful exposing CCRB and than listen to my testimony, Suzannah B. Troy the only civilian out of 8 million people testifying in front CCRB starts at what might be page page 18....line number number 4...  I testify about making Joe Sanchez Hispanic Serpico Documentary and hold up CCRB form from 30 years ago proving nothing has changed.....

re: my testimony -- every NYPD officer I refer to - their names spelled wrong,  DI Ed Winski,  Lt Angelo Burgos,  Sgt Chen,  Det John Vergona, involving the violent assault by Delita Hooks,  her employer's name spelled wrong Dr. Andrew Fagelman....  I reference activist Louis Flores last page up top, wrongly written Luis Flores was shot (instead of shoved), read how CCRB has never even contacted him so did they fix it...I slam Bloomberg for tech messes including CCRB's read me giving CCRB...   When I say CCRB failed us CCRB spelled wrong in transcript!!!!

Note Bishop Taylor had a good laugh about team sports but in my opinion not a care in the world about the Injustices suffered by people failed by CCRB.  When I the only public member spoke he got up and walked out for some reason.  Well you can read that they have trouble just getting 3 of them to show up to rule on cases....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Joe Sanchez NYPD Hispanic Serpico Charles Hynes Declines Interview YouTube Documentary Part 5

This is part 5 of a year long YouTube Documentary that will be ground breaking...explain more on that later....

FYI:  I wrote mayor Bloomberg, commissioner Ray Kelly and Charles Hynes asking for an apology 
and honorary re-instatement so Joe can officially retire. 

Joe Sanchez NYPD Hispanic Serpico Charles Hynes Declines Interview YouTube Documentary Part 5

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Charles Hynes Karma Pie Doesn't Get Endorsement He refused my Interview for Hispanic Serpico Documentary on Joe Sanchez

So happy to hear they are not rushing to back Charles Hynes who has protected Vito Lopez all these years and turned me down for a 5 min. YouTube Documentary Interview  -- Jerry Schmetterer had me turned down....  Jerry is confident that Hynes has the Hispanic vote but unless Joe steps up for the Hispanc Serpico and hello why doesn't the Spanish Community even know Joe Sanchez exists?

Jerry had me lay down a 5 min. script of what I would ask Vito oops Charles Hynes and I promised to not go off my script but Jerry and Charles decide that was a no go....

The only way we can begin to get NYPD reform is if the NYPD stops sick vicious retaliation against the NYPD Whistleblowers.

Charles could still get the endorsement late in the game but still a slap in the face he deserves in my opinion....