Friday, April 5, 2013

Charles Hynes Agrees with Juror NYPD Joe Sanchez Case A Miscarriage of Justice

30 years ago Charles Hynes agreed in writing NYPD Joe Sanchez should be re-instated but it never happened; see the letter in his own words to a juror asking Hynes to take action. 

Charles Hynes is running for re-election and also in the twilight years of his life.   Charles Hynes still has the power he had 30 years ago to right a wrong and as this brave juror pointed out  (30 years ago) take action in response to Joe Sanchez a hero NYPD cop and brave whistle blower in this case a victim of a Miscarriage of Justice.  Ask Charles Hynes about the Joe Sanchez case.  Read Charles Hynes letter to the Juror in his own words he agrees but the sad truth not in writing is Hynes was not going to take on NYPD police commissioner Ben Ward who wanted the courageous NYPD whistle blower Joe Sanchez fired for exposing a corrupt truly bad Lt. and NYPD Capt.

This is like a sci fi movie -- going back in time -- read these letters.  Maybe I can get someone to help me put these on scribd so you can read them more easily but as the Adrian Schoolcraft trial begins this Sept 2013 here is 30 years of proof NYPD Internal Affairs betrayed Joe Sanchez -- the very same IA officers he went to ended up handcuffing Joe and innocent man with 4 sons and a wife to provide for.   I will have a powerful YouTube interview next Friday 30 years in the making.

Click on these letters to read them!

if you click on this you can see the entire letter and if you have capacity on your computer you can make it larger to read.

Charles Hynes, mayor Bloomberg and Commish Kelly--- Restore Joe Sanchez to Patrolman -- and than allow him to retire.

The City of New York owes NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez and his family an apology.

Maybe the Adrian Schoolcraft trial Sept. 2013 will finally bring an end to the NYPD retaliating against heroic whistle blowing NYPD officers.

NYPD Internal Affairs a History of Betrayal

by Suzannah B. Troy 

will that be a book I write that includes IA so far not even contacting me -- I was assaulted Oct 1 by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks.  When a corrupt Det from the 01 coerced me in to dropping charges Oct. 20 I reported his to IA Oct 21.  IA has yet to contact me and the violent woman who almost blinded me still has yet to be arrested.

I have spoken to the Lt. in Chief Banks office and the new commander of the 01 and I was told I have to wait of IA.

Serpico, Durk, Sanchez and Schoolcraft betrayed and retaliated against.
IA treating me like them?

Copy and paste so far IA has done thing -- 6 months no arrest and everyone involved confident they are above the law.

Dr Fagelman Paid Delita Hooks to Almost Blind Me 01 Det John Vergona
Fixed Assault

IA's role so far shameful.

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